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I am a girl and thats all you need to know.
ac/dc, adam sandler, aerosmith, alexisonfire, almost famous, american eagle, angus young, back in black, band t-shirts, batman, billy talent, black and white photos, black sabbath, bluenotes, bob marley, bon scott, boxer underwear, boyfriends, bras, brian johnson, candy, cheap trick, chri, chucks, classic rock, cliff williams, cows, cristina, csi, cyndi lauper, dazed and confused, death cab for cutie, def leppard, drums, edward scissor hands, emily haines, engine down, everwood, eyes, ferngully, five man electrical band, food, footloose, from first to last, garden state, george harrison, guns and roses, gwen stefani, haircuts, hidden in plain view, hippies, hockey, incense, incubus, iron butterfly, jackie, janis joplin, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, jimmy page, john lennon, keith richards, kensington market, kevin bacon, kisses, kool aid, law and order, led zeppelin, lip gloss, make-up, marcy playground, meet the fockers, metric, music, napolean dynamite, neil peart, old school games, old world underground, pajamas, paul mccartney, peircings, phil rudd, photogrpahy, pictures, pina coladas, pink floyd, queen, ram jam, red hot chili peppers, ringo starr, rockers, rupert holmes, sex and the city, simon birch, sisxteen candles, sixteen candles, slippers, snow patrol, spirit of the 60's, straylight run, superstar, supertramp, tea, the 70's, the 80's, the beatles, the black market, the body shop, the clash, the cure, the doors, the goonies, the hives, the kinks, the missing, the monkees, the ramones, the rolling stones, the steve miller band, the strokes, the wedding singer, the who, the wizard of oz, thrift stores, u2, underoath, van halen, van morrison, vintage, vinyls, watching movies, weezer